FS: Intel Mobo, P4 and 6800NU

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I've got my P4, Chaintech 9CJS Zenith (i875P chipset) and eVGA 6800 up for sale.

I'm asking $175 for the lot.

Since I've been asked: I will part out the mobo, CPU and 6800.

CPU: P4 2.4C, runs 3282mhz with no errors $55

Mobo: Chaintech 9CJS Zenith, comes with all accessories except the stupid little screwdriver (it broke) $100. Great OC'er

eVGA 6800 video card, currently WC'ed but I have all the aircooling stuff. $100

I will consider trades for a PCI-E vid card in exchange for the whole works.

The mobo/proc will do 273 FSB with no problem depending on ram or divider. The mobo comes with a media reader/front panel with USB ports and front audio plus POST reporter, rounded cables, remote control, manuals, software, i/o shield and quick start guide. The SATA cables for the mobo died so I'll toss in a new set from an MSI mobo.

The CPU is a 2.4C. It's always been watercooled and works flawlessly. I've had it to 3.3 but I think I was held back by the ram.

The vid card is an eVGA 6800NU. It's 100% stable at 380 core 810 ram and will fully unlock to 16p/6v. Yes, it's AGP. It's also water cooled but I still have the air cooling parts for it.

I don't do paypal, payments accepted are USPS M.O. and sales are for the lower 48 states only. Prices are plus shipping.

Heat is under madmat.

Thanks for looking.
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Yes but I need to find buyers for the other parts before I sell anything. I would be willing to work a trade for a 939 A64 and a PCI-e GPU for the whole ball of wax though.


Just fried my mother board with a storm last Saturday and try to find a new or used 9CJS forget it. I need that mobo or computer won't boot and all info will be lost if I need to reformat for a different mobo. Let me know.


Hey mat, whats the RAM size on that NU? (that is the 12p/5v version correct?)

ANd what what you be willing to sell it for?
I need a upgrade from my 9800 Pro 128.


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All AGP 6800nu's are 128mb cards aside from the few crippled 6800U's that got sold as nu's and those are very few and far between (less than 1000 I'd say) and there was 1 model line done by ASUS that had 256 I think but it was so over priced I doubt many people bought any. Don't forget, this card will unlock all the shaders so it's capable of 16p, 6v.

I'd take $125 for it and I have the stock air cooling parts still.


Thats what i figured, but i thought i would ask.

Unfortunately, i need a 256 meg card. As one of the driving sims i play is VERY texture intensive, it shouldent be, but it chokes on my 9800 128, and runs perfectly fine on a friends 256 megs 9600...how is that right?

Ill probibly be upgrading my system here in a few months anyway, so ill just hold off.

Thanks though.


Yes, it works AMAZING with the TrackIR.
A buddy of mine has TrackIR, with 3d goggles.....OMFG! *drool*
As the game natively supports both.

Its as close as you can get to being in a real car, IMHO.

The biggest problem with the game is that is has StarForce. And its a pile of crap for it. And if the game wasnt as good as it was, i would have never bought it.


The biggest issue with Starforce, is when you start to get multiple starforce titles on your computer.

Ive had GTL on my PC for about 6 months. Everything worked fine, as it was the only Starforce protected game i had.

Then i attempted to install Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones, which is also Star Force Protected. And i had all sorts of troubles. WIth it not recognizing the disc in the drive. Or only launching the game when the GTL disc was in the other CD-Rom drive, laots of weird quirky stuff. And to top it all off, i started to get problems with the configuration of my 360 Gamepad in both GTL and PoP:T3. Somtiems it would work, somtimes it wouldent. And repeated installs of XBCD, and even reverting back to the old MS drivers didnty fix it. Which was terribly frustrating becuase PoP is SUPPOSED to fully support XInput, that offers full functionality for the 360 controler natively. Well, it didnt work at first. WHich then prompted me to install the specific Version of DirectX off the PoP CD (as instructed per the games faq, and MS), which then FUBARED star Force again, which made me reinstall the game. ANd keep in mind i was doing all of this mearly to inform somone of how well the 360 game pad worked.

Well, needless to say, once i finally got it all installed and working again. I was so frustrated with teh damn game, that i played through one level. Said "yeah its great", uninstalled it, reinstalled my XBCD drivers, had to subsiquently uninstall, and reinstall GTL (becuase starforce got corrupted when PoP was uninstalled, and failed to load GTL). And after all was said and done, i spent nearly 2 days, to be able to play a game for 15 minutes.

Starforce is the damn plague.
GTL has been, and will be the only game i ever buy with StarForce protection.
Saddly, if another game comes along that is a must have title, that also uses Starforce, i will buy the game, keep it shrinkwrapped, and download a ripped version to play it without being plauged by that virus/malware/copy protestion system.


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I'll talk to some friends here at home. I've moved back to Mississippi and my fanbase is bigger (lol). That's not a bad price, and I'll see if I can get you a better one. ;)
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