FREE UPGRADE PROGRAM For Swiftech S775 Backplate


Tech Monkey
If you are a owner of a Swiftech APOGEE GT/GTX S775 CPU water block and are in need of a backplate mounting bracket, you better get on the ball and get your free upgrade from Swiftech while there's still time left, mine should be here shortly.


The socket 775 motherboard back plate kit is now available and compatible with all Apogee series Waterblocks. It allows a safe "hard mount" of all Apogee series Waterblocks for an optimum contact patch without excessive bend of the motherboard.

It includes a specially designed back plate compatible with all known socket 775 motherboards at the time of release. Special attention was given to clear all the small components located behind the motherboard, such as those present in the early versions of the EVGA i680 board.

The back plate also features strong sticky pads to prevent it from falling when the Waterblock is removed. Two sets of nylon spacers are included in the pack, one for Apogee, Apogee GT, and one for Apogee GTX.

Effective today, all Apogee series Waterblocks will be shipped with this new back plate and mounting hardware, thus replacing the current spring mounts for socket 775 motherboards.

**********FREE UPGRADE PROGRAM***********

A 30 days free upgrade program starting 6-21-07 is available to all original owners of Apogee GT and GTX water-block.

Conditions of the free upgrade:

Shipping by regular US mail
Proof of purchase required

Please email with copy of your invoice and mailing address.