Foxconn Releases MARS P35 "Quantum Force" Motherboard

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    From our news:
    Major Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn has unleashed a new P35 board this morning, the MARS, which is the first board to be released in their new Quantum Force line-up of products. Touted as an "overclocking" board, the MARS offers nifty passive heatsinks on the PWM/NB/SB, support of up to at least 575MHz FSB, CPU voltages up past 2.0v, DRAM voltages up to 3.365v and more. Yes, this is a serious overclockers board, and one that could kill your components if you are not careful.

    The Quantum Force series is suited for enthusiasts, similar to ASUS' Republic of Gamers branding. They've also plans to launch a special website, at in early September that will feature access to beta BIOS downloads, forums, tutorials and more. Although the MARS supports native 1333FSB processors, it will come in a DDR2-flavor only.

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    "Quantum Force is not just about a new product line, it is also a complete philosophy about how we develop our products" claims Quantum Force product manager Greta Kuo. "We have developed a design manifesto we call SWORD, which focuses on delivering more performance capability with better value for money, whilst listening to the feedback of real enthusiasts."

    Source: Foxconn

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