FLATOUT : New game to be released In June, I believe...


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I played this last year at Quakecon2004, and it was a BLAST!
I have the demo on my PC right now, and it is a scream!

The physics of the driver and the ragdoll animations just crack me up! Plus, the totally over the top games beyone racing like the Long Jump (Speed your car into a reinforced low wall and eject your driver... see who goes the furthest!) or Darts (Same concept as previous game, except that you are coming off of an elevated ramp, and you are being launched to a massive dart board!). They also have high jump and a Skee-Ball type of game!

The physics on the cars and the deformable zones... the realistic parts and environment interaction... driving through houses... tire barriers...

Just do yourself a huge favor, and view the demo videos on the site: It playes like the video shows... no lie! (Unless they really butchered it for the release!)

The official FLATOUT site...

Rob Williams

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It is shaping up to be a great looking game, I played the demo. However, I am wondering if it's going to be one of the games where they focus on the main selling point [ragdoll physics, heh], and the game suck.

I noticed as the character was flying through the air during a crash, that his body look completely lifeless. If you are flying out of your car, I doubt you would appear THAT lifeless.. like a doll.

Still, going to be cool to see when it comes out.