First new build in 4 years

Hello all,

Seeing as I didn't win that awesome 980x computer (*shakes fist at lady luck*), I'm finishing my build list for my new rig. I've spent a couple months researching and pricing components, and I think I've got a pretty solid plan.

Case: Antec DF-85 Budgeting $249.99
PSU: Antec CP-850 $109.31
CPU: Intel core i7 930 (shooting for 4-4.2GHz OC) $289.99
Cooler: Prolimatech Megahalems $64.99
Fans: Scythe Gentle Typhoon $15.95 x2
TIM: Indigo Xtreme $19.99
Mobo: ASRock X58 Extreme 3 $199.99
RAM: Crucial 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3 10600 $167.99
SSD: Intel X-25M 80GB $224.99
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB $99.99
Optical: Sony Optiarc 24x $21.99
OS: Win 7 Pro 64 OEM $139.99

Subtotal (before shipping): $1621.11
Note: Newegg combos and mail-in rebates will likely reduce this to $1500-1550

As you can see, it'll be a pretty massive upgrade over my current machine. The only downside to the build is that I will be reusing my Radeon HD 4850 until the end of the year or so, when I plan to update to a 2x SLi/Crossfire setup. This should then allow me to coast through Sandy Bridge, and possibly step into an upgrade into an enthusiast level Ivy Bridge platform after it matures further.


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throw out that casing!
Go for the Cooler Master CM690 II advanced! cheaper and awesome-er!

PSU go for cooler master silent pro:

CPU Cooler:

fans: cooler master R4s = awesome!

why an SSD!? no need if ye aske me, lol!

Wheres the GPU?!?

and no i am not a Cooler Master representative/fanboy etc..! they make good stuff! :D
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I'm going with an Antec case to take advantage of the amazing CP-850, which outperforms even the top-end PSUs while costing about as much as a 750W unit. I'll admit the DF-85 exterior is overdone, but it looks like it has great airflow, and I keep my tower under my desk anyway, so aesthetics are meaningless to me.

Your cooler suggestion kind of surprises me, though. The Megahalems is constantly ranked one of the top 5 coolers for an OC'd 1366, especially with a high static pressure/high CFM fan or two. The CM V8 (and even the V10) seems to be a step *down* for approximately the same price.

Why an SSD? For the huge performance gains in the games I tend to play, of course. That and I would also like to transition from running my system 24/7 to operating only when I'm in front of it, and an accelerated startup with an SSD goes a long way towards making that happen.

The GPU, if you'll read the last paragraph, will be my current 4850 until prices drop later in the year.


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That looks like a sweet build!

The Megahalems cooler should outperform the V8 and I suspect the V10 as well. It won't be by much, but when paying that much for a CPU cooler ya might as well get every last degree of performance. :) That case is interesting, I've not even heard of it yet!

For your optical drive I would suggest Lite-On first, or Samsung second. I bought a Sony model because it was the cheapest one and burned some types of DVDs marginally faster... but the tray motor sounds, feels, and acts like it is halfway worn out. It's sluggish when opening as well. I've never had an issue with Lite-On units.


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I agree get some Cooler Master R4 fans, 90 CFM and only about $10 (well here anyways)
Case, well I love my Antec 900 so I'd suggest that or an Antec 1200 and bonus!! That PSU you would like is compatible with the Antec 1200, I personally got this Xion PowerReal 850W PSU and I love it, it goes great with my Antec 900. For the CPU cooler I think the one you picked is one of the best but I got a nice Cooler Master GeminII for cheap so that's what I am using, everything in my case seems a bit cooler.


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This is pretty solid, IMO.

Stick with the Prolimatech.

+1 for never having heard of that case (overspending? esp. if aesthetics aren't a biggie - has a combo with the P183 for $219.30!) or, for that matter, the Indigo Extreme stuff.

As always, if you live near a Micro Center, buy your i7 930 there at $199.99. That'll get you into a video card that much sooner.
The case hasn't been released yet, though it has been featured at CES2010 and PAX East. Basically, it's a revamp of the 1200 and its sister case, the DF-30, is the equivalent for the 900. I'm budgeting high for the time being, though I'm hoping it'll be closer to the $180-200 side of the priceline.

The Indigo Xtreme TIM is a different story altogether; instead of a thermal grease, it's a phase change metal alloy. It comes in packs of two applications for $20, and each application is a manufactured U-shaped blob of the material. The final step of the application process is to load your processor (without any cooler or case fans running) to 90C to melt the blob down, and then once the liquid TIM reaches 90C the fans get plugged back in to freeze it in place. Kind of scary, but at 3-8C better than the other best TIMs out there, it's probably worth the $20.

And so far as Microcenter goes, the closest one to me is four hours away. ( /wrists ). If I take a trip to DC in the weeks before I finalize my build, I may pick one up. The downsides, of course, being that I'll spend the savings in gasoline, and I'd be SOL if the processor needs to be returned.

Also, thank you Kougar on the tip. I'd rather not be stuck with a poor quality drive.


Tech Monkey know I am fairly sure I wouldnt wanna do the TIM stuff lol seems likely to screw up your CPU lmao and..... doesn't that mean if your CPU hits 90 again it melts again? and what happens if you want to put a new cooler on but cant because there fused together from it hitting 90C.....
It would start to melt again, though the pressure between the heat sink and CPU would keep it from seeping around. Further, in the event that any were to seep out, it would be caught by the plastic barrier that comes with the application. (It's basically a square shaped card with the center cut out, it frames the CPU bracket and remains in place for the application).

Removing it is actually pretty simple (unlike Coollabs' products) - you just peel it off. Also unlike the Coollabs products, it has no Gallium, so no reactions with all of those copper components.


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I would give the designers of the Indigo Xtreme a bit ol' boot in the nuggets for even asking me to get my CPU up to 90 degrees.

My cores don't hit that temperature under full load even while overclocked, my tCase certainly doesn't hit that temperature and nothing will make me take it that high.

I know that a CPU will throttle back and even shut down before things get out of hand in extreme cases but that's still asking a lot for a 3-8 degree difference in temperature. If I'm that hard up for low temperatures and want to overclock that heavily I'll save up the cash for a custom loop.
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