First Blu-spec Audio CDs Hit the Market

Rob Williams

Staff member
From our front-page news:
Early last month, SonyMusic Japan sent out a press release touting the "Blu-spec" CD specification, which isn't a new format in itself, but rather a new method for recording CD masters. Traditional methods use infra-red lasers, which as has become common knowledge, cannot produce pits on CDs as cleanly as a blue laser, which Sony's Blu-ray discs use exclusively.

So with using a "Blu" laser, you'd imagine that you'd need a Blu-ray player to listen to the new discs, but that's not the case at all. As mentioned, it's a new method, not a completely new disc, so they can be used in any ROM drive that supports typical audio CDs. In the press release (300KB PDF), Sony shows how much cleaner the pits on the disk are, and it's hard to disagree... it looks much better.

The big question though, is would this new technology make a real difference at all in the real-world, even to audiophiles? Well, it shouldn't take too long to find out, as it seems this will be the week for the initial releases, with almost all of them being available on Amazon.


Sadly, because most of the launch discs are imports, they're at least twice as expensive as a typical audio disc, so you'd have to enjoy one of the offered CDs an awful lot in order to want to pay such a premium for them. Still, I'm curious to see opinions from audiophiles who manage to score a few of these, because if Blu-spec really does make a difference, then we might see the process become more common-place.

Source: Blu-spec CD Official Site (Japanese)