Finally Here


Finally got on the forum! Took me over an hour to create my account, because I had my spam protection on my email account and it deleted the activation email. The forum software here has no way to replace a deleted activation email so you end up in the equivalent of forum purgatory! Unable to login and unable to do anything!

After spending quite a few minutes trying to figure out how to fix it, I sent Rob Williams an email. He tryed to fix it too. It still did not work!!

Wasn't until after my account was deleted, and I made a new one, that I finally got on!

Happy, happy, happy, happy to finally be here!!

Greg King

I just kinda show up...
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Welcome to the fold andanton. We are always looking for contributing members so enjoy your stay.


I tryed to join a forum one time and could never get it to work then gave up trying. Many new users will quit if they can't get it working immediately. Good work on keep trying till you got it to work.
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Welcome on Andanton!

I have found that some forums will subscribe to blacklists. My * account has not recieved *any* email from certain forums. I had to change the email address to my gmail account to get anything....

Welcome on board!