Final Fantasy XI


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Final Fantasy XI

I was reading the news topic abotuthe census report and after lookign at it Ive decided that has got to be one of the most well rounded games ive ever heard of.

Anyone here play it?

Pros? Cons?

Rob Williams

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I didn't play it to the extent I could have, but I didn't like it. That's just me though, and I am sure if I played it enough, I would get into it. I have a friend who plays it like 30 hours a week though, so it's got to be good somehow.

I also like what was announced yesterday:

They really care about getting new players. Too bad they don't just have a free trial :|


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I played Final Fantasy XI for a month. From the graphics and music, the game is beautiful. You have your own house that you can buy furniture and stuff like that. You can only have 1 character, but that 1 char can be anything you want if you put the time into it. So for example, you start off as a mage and later on you get bored of being a mage, you can switch and become a warrior. There is no pvp, and the majority of the player base is Japanese. However, the people I met were all very nice and they wanted to help me.
The interface takes a long time to get used to, it is not your traditional rpg interface.
The thing I hated about the game was you HAD to party up in order to get experience. I know it's like that for other mmo's, but this was hardcore stuff. There was no way you could get ahead unless you depended on other people.
This caused a problem for me and for many others, it took friggin forever to do anything in that game. It would literally take you hours to start a party, take you hours to travel, hours to grind. The game really sucks the time away.
That was my biggest gripe with the game. It took forever to do ANYTHING.


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still though it seems they care about their fan base and customers... A novelty when coming from games like L2...

Is it true they have the card game?