fan testing!!!!


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65 fans, 112 setups for case cooling. The OP has the 1st 36 posts in the thread with a lot of pics == slower load time in your browser.

I have a new build thread going on in modding, but at this beginning stage the build is more about cooling. Actually I have confused myself about where I should have put that build thread and am thinking that it should have been here in this section.

Anyway, for the new build in the Modding section "i7 980X build, or ...", I am planning on water cooling & using a radiator for 140 mm fans. The 1st issue is determining what fan to use because the selection of 140 mm fans is still a little thin ... thus the link to the biggest collection of tested fans I have seen. Caveat ... the test collection is not complete nor up to date (impossible to do actually), or even that the fans can be found (many came from some kind of grab bag).


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Those fans at Newark are all industrial units, which means they are going to be as loud as possible. Or at least the 140mm ones they have will be. ;)

Most watercooling websites have 140mm fans, even Newegg has some. The trick is many feature round housings, which won't provide a square seal on any radiators you'd be mounting them to. Here's a selection of 140's:

I just ordered four of these, and they are exactly at the threshold for noise. Everyone's ears are different, but these push air and remain a low enough RPM that I won't hear them unless the room (and outdoors) is in the dead quiet of night... which means I can remove the fan controller and additional wiring for my upcoming build. I will point out these are sleeve bearing fans, ordinarily I'd recommend FDB bearing (or Noctua's similar bearing) but I'll give these a shot. The price was cheaper than most 120mm fans, and Yate Loons are a respectable, economical fan enthusiasts like to use that I've had good experiences with in the past.

If you want fan reviews, you can probably find them at XtremeSystems as well. :)


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Lack of static pressure is a common problem with 140 mm fans ... relative to 120 mm fans. Even air flow (CFM or pick your unit) is also typically less for the 140 mm fans.

Of course case cooling is one thing & does not need the same requirements. Pushing air thru newer radiators with higher number of fins per inch is another ... need a little more "push".

I have been thru many of the hobbyist web sites, SVC or whatever, and am just increasing the search a little more. At least Newark publishes the air flow/pressure curves ... and you are right, I am not ready to spend $100/fan tho.:eek::eek::eek:

It is looking like 120 mm fans with a 140/120 mm adapter is making the most sense.