Partition Master
Well as we all know, next gen gaming is on it's way. After working at my new job as an Auto body shop assistant manager, I am now financially stable enough to actually buy what you normal people call 'stuff'.
Well I pre-ordered my xbox 360 and have the premium package paid off already along with Gears of War. I know most of you aren't into console gaming, but in case you've been living in a cave for some time like I have, a great PC game is coming out called F.E.A.R.
You can download the demo already from various game sites, and from my first impressions on the demo, this game is definately spearheading the next gen gaming in the right direction.
However, it is showing the age of my old machine (4 years running) and can only play it on medium settings in order to have decent frame rates. But even on medium settings and without Anti aliasing and all that, the game is just beautiful.
Even if you're not much of a FPS fan, download the demo anyway and give the game a try. It's just amazing.

Rob Williams

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Oh yes, I cannot wait for FEAR. The demo was incredible, although it lagged on my system and I still have to figure out why. I'm thinking it's all related to my sound card. I will have to review the game for the site maybe.

I also have an Xbox 360 pre-ordered. I'm seriously hoping Tony Hawk makes the launch date.. that would make me a very happy Deathspawner. If not, I will play with NFS: Most Wanted to hold me over. I should consider Gears of War too.. that games getting so much hype.


Partition Master
Yeah Gears of War looks great, but it's not a launch title. One launch title I'm pumped up for is Condemned.
I'm also waiting for Oblivion to come out.