eVGA enters the ram market, no-one notices.


Soup Nazi
I got an email from Micro Center the other day announcing that eVGA has released PC ram. Oddly, for now at least, it's exclusive to MC.

Since they had PC3 2400 for $50 for an eight gig kit, I had to go buy a kit. I have to say that it's really not too shabby. I picked up some decent bandwidth and despite the CAS latencies (11-13-13-31) being higher than my G-Skill 1866 (at 8-9-9-24) the overall latency is just a tad lower.

I'm pleasantly surprised. That and the fact that even with a 4.6Ghz OC on my 4690K the chip plays nice with the 2400Mhz ram speed.

Rob Williams

Staff member
It's an odd market for EVGA to get into given the margins are so low, but it has such a massive fanbase that it might still be worth it. I'd reckon right now it's more of a test, so you probably helped things along by picking up a kit.


Soup Nazi
The price was right, come tomorrow the price goes up to $69.99 for the kit I bought and $119.99 for the 16gig kit which was $99.99 during the introductory sale.

I will say that it makes sense in a way, it gives the die hard fanbois a way to have a fully eVGA build minus the drives. Indeed, I'm waiting for them to introduce SSD's next.