Engineers Develop Solid-state Fan


Tech Monkey
Maybe this new tech will help keep some of these hot running chips in portable electronics in the future.................:eek:

Researcher says the solid-state fan is the biggest improvement in cooling since the heat pipe

Many computer enthusiasts understand that how fast a processor runs is in part dependent on how well the chip can be cooled. This is why record-setting benchmark runs are typically made with processors cooled by exotic means.

Cooling is just as important for mobile systems like notebook computers and other portable electronics. The size of the fan required for the system can affect how small devices can be built. A pair of engineers from Thorrn Micro Technologies Inc, Dan Schlitz and Vishal Singhal, have developed a new solid-state fan that works similarly to household air purifiers.

The resulting fan is the most powerful and energy efficient fan of its size and moves more air than fans that are 35 times its size. The RSD5 solid-state fan is described by Singhal as, “One of the most significant advancements in electronics cooling since heat pipes. It could change the cooling paradigm for mobile electronics.”


The Tech Wizard
As dust is everywhere, I think it would be a problem if the tiny vents clogged.
Mythbusters had a device similar, showing antigravity, but it was just a corona wind effect

That looks really cool. Overheating laptops could be a thing of the past with one of these installed. It's great what new things are developing these days. With technology like this coming out I'm sure we will be seeing some really awesome things in the near future.


Rob Williams

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I am not sure what I think of this right now. Seems interesting, but there are many questions that don't seem to be answered, and the reliability question is a big one. I'm with Merlin... dust would be a major issue here, especially in a notebook computer.


Tech Monkey
True, but dust is a killer on just about any system, they would have to have the unit well sealed and filters of some sort on the air inlets and they would have to be removable for cleaning.


The Tech Wizard
Now if the apllication could be used in a fluid, it could be a new pump with no maintenance.

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