Duke Nukem Forever Previews Hit the Web


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With an official known release date for Duke Nukem Forever (May 3, 2011), it's just a matter of time before we'll all be able to give the latest Nukem release a spin and see if, after 12 years of development time, the game aged like a fine wine. Last week, Gearbox invited select members of the press to join them at an event to give a preview of the game, and those previews have now been published all over.


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Rob Williams

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No kidding! I'll still have a blast though. I can still play through Duke Nukem 3D and have fun straight through. I'll have to beat it once again right before the launch of Forever. Last time I cleared it was about two years ago, so I'm overdue ;-)


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I agree, guys. A bunch of us were talking about this yesterday as well. We all know it won't live up to 12 years of hype and wanting to play it but we'll all get it, beat it and love it anyway.

A friend of mine sent me over the Killaton Collection so I'm planning on working through that. It's the original game plus a pile of custom made maps. I'll have to run it in a virtual machine or throw XP onto a small partition since it's not compatible with 7 (obviously).