Dropbox offering an additional 5GB to beta testers!


Partition Master
I caught this over on Engadget but they were not even correct on how to get past 500MB. This offer goes for both Computer and Phone clients. However to get the entire 5GB increase requires uploading 4.5 GB worth of files. I recommend using the computer clients because of this.

The phone client once installed will automatically find files to upload to your drop box and begin uploading. Shortly you will have your 500MB for the first file upload. For every 500MB of files uploaded you gain 500MB of space. The Windows client relies on the autoplay feature and in Windows 7 camera's have their own dialog. From this dialog you just need to change the "Import Pictures and Videos" program to drop box and send it on its way. Remember at the end of this import the files are probably still being uploaded to dropbox and until this is complete you wont get all your space.

Computer client downloads - http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=53104
Android Client - http://forums.dropbox.com/topic.php?id=53013

Those who completed the minimal steps before have at least 2.25GB unless they invited a friend. My friends never took my invites so I should be sitting on 7.25 GB when this is all done.