Does World of Warcraft live up to it's hype?


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Yes that's right, I asked you a question about WoW and if it lives up to it's hype. To me reviewing video games is a tough thing to do, like punching yourself on the left nut while wielding a pair of brass knuckles.

I honestly think WoW is hyped. I mean I like the game and all because it doesn't really require much time to do anything. I mean it does reward players for time spent playing the game, it also rewards those who do not have much time to play. Working two part time jobs and going to school full time, I can feel comfortable knowing I can complete a quest or two in a short amount of time.

But with all the bugs and installation issues the game has, I can't believe the near perfect scores from many reviewers. I had to replace my CD's because they would not read at all. Everytime there is a new update, I have to reinstall the game in order to update properly.

Overall, I give the game a 7 out of 10... for now.


The One, The Only...
Im a big Blizzard fan... well i was untill WoW came out.. Wc is my fav series... But WoW doesnt even get a 7 from me man... moer like a 4...

Will Nave

I'd have to go with a 7/10 also, although I do enjoy playing it very much and can't wait for the Battlegrounds and Hero system to be implimented.

Rob Williams

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I have friends that will *not* stop going on about this game. I played in the beta, and it didn't overly impressed me. The thing I liked most was the worlds and creatures though.

Jen McPherson

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I give WoW an 8/10. It is fun, at least for me, a person who doesn't have a ton of time to play a game. When I log in I know I can have meet with my friends, do several quests in only a few hours and log out having had a good time. The leveling grind isn't excessive to the point of boredom.

Why not a 10? Because I've played many games, and I've only had a 10 for one of them, and that's Asheron's Call. WoW may be hyped up by the media but you have to give the game some credit. Its game world is beautiful, it has tons of quests and if you set aside the few bugs and server issues it has (EVERY online game has them, get use to it, or don't play MMO's) then its pretty fun.

Heck, I even give L2 some credit, it is a good game that had/has a lot of great possibilities. If they fix some things I may even play it again. Right now it just didn't suit my taste, as some of the other mmorpg's out there didn't.

Basically, don't judge the game by its hype. Give it your own spin and see if its for you.

Mike Delorme

I do like the fact that the game is easyer. Thats coming from a background of Lineage 2 were the grind in my opinion is to hard.

If there were to be a game with a combination of the complexity of Lineage 2 and less timeconsuming measures of WoW, I would love that game.

So for now i give WoW a 7/10, however the graphics are a 9/10