Do You Still Use or Keep Any Floppies?

Rob Williams

Staff member
As the years pass and technologies improve, it's not uncommon to see a certain type of product go virtually extinct. Sometimes pieces of technologies get killed off well before their time (AGP, as an example), but other times, it's hard to understand why anyone on earth would stick to using an old-school method of product when current products are so much better.


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Tech Monkey
Floppies FTW!!! but no more seriously I do have a few laying around but on my new PC there is no floppy drive so I don't use em, but thats the only way to flash the bios on my older PCs I have.


Sadly, yes. For work (industrial controls, programming, machine vision) I still need to use floppies when dealing with the older devices. Thankfully, it's a rare event over the last 5 years or so.
At home, I never have to use them anymore.