Discuss: Logitech MX3100

Rob Williams

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Looking for a quality cordless Keyboard/Mouse set? Logitech released the MX3100 a few months back, which includes the ultra precise MX1000 laser mouse, in addition to a keyboard with tons of functionality. Read on to see if the MX3100 is all it's cracked up to be.


Feel free to discuss the review in this thread once you have read it here. Questions are definitely welcomed, so let me know if I forgot to mention anything.


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O've always enjoyed Logitech's wireless offerings.

I've currently got a Logi Wireless mouse, and my wife has a Logi wireless keyboard and mouse...

I've loved the 1000's since they came out, and have seriously comtemplated upgrading, and now, with a keyboard/mouse combo, the choice has gotten even more difficult.

The one thing that I will stand by, is that the keyboard is not a natural type keyboard.

I've got very large hands, and typing on regular keyboards causes me to trip over my fingers. The natural allows me to maintain my productivity, and relieve the pressure on my wrists and hands.

If this is not offerend in a Wireless Natural variant, then me and my current wireless mouse, and my wired MS Natural keyboard are going to keep on trucking!