Discuss: Logisys Janus Case Review

Rob Williams

Staff member
Logisys has really been building up their line of modding products with great stuff. With each new case they release, it always seems to improve on their previous ones, in both accessibility, as well as style. The Janus case is certainly no exception.. this case is great. What's so great about it, and how does it compare to other cases out there?

Read the review here, then feel free to comment in this thread.

Will Nave

Not a bad case overall, but for the price I personally would expect a tad bit more from them. Toolless drive bays/cages, better structural support/design to the Powersupply area, and possibly some built in wire organization of some sort. One thing I really did like was the fact it came with a 120mm fan installed and it seemed to have a decent amount of room to work with inside. I would personally consider using the cheaper Logisys unit before shelling out the $89.00 for what I can only see as a slight upgrade.