Dicuss: Ultra X-Connect 500W Titanium PSU

Rob Williams

Staff member
Case clutter has been a problem with computers forever, especially with PSU cables lying all over the place. Ultra promises to solve this problem, by allowing you to only use the cables you need. The X-Connect PSU includes other cool features as well, and you can read about them in our review.


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Tech Monkey
I, myself, use this exact same Power Supply and I love it. The modular connectors are standard molex form factor, so the modder in me took advantage of that fact.

I purchased black molexes and the appropriate pins for the inside, and built my own cables for my unit! The modular concept that the power supplies are starting to follow is going to lend itself to some crazy/stunning cabling as people get more and more comfortable with them. I, myself, will likely never purchase another standard power supply. This one has won me over. I'm keeping my eyes on these Ultra supplies... I've heard a few things from other users... but nothing that makes me regret the use of it in my full time computer!

The results of the cable modding:


Now.... I like the Ultra's from a modding standpoint. Keep an eye on those power spikes though!

Good work Rob!


i dont like the 24 pin connector 2 stiff and hard to hide. The xceonnect is 2 big for my case so i had to take top fan off i have a xdreamer 2 case.

Will Nave

I agree this is a very OBVIOUS concept that was waaaaaay overdue. I'm glad to see that not only did they impliment it finally, but they did so with some zing...

Excellent review, nifty product!

Rob Williams

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Thanks for the comments guys.

Tech-Daddy, that looks real pimp. I gotta get me smarter with that modding stuff, haha.

Muddy, are you sure you weren't putting it in upside down? There is no fan on top of the PSU..

For those interested, there will be a review of the Ultra X-Finity PSU as well coming in a few weeks. Unlike the X-Connect though, it uses standard molex connections.