dB poweramp Batch Converter Help?


Hiya everyone this is my first post/thread, so i'd just like to say a big HI!
I wondered if you could help me please.? ive got this "dB poweramp Batch Converter" on my pc, So on my extrenal hard drive ive got a large amount of music files that i want to swap over onto another hard drive that has a built in Media player on it "cyclone 2"

I transfered all the 9000 tracks onto the cyclone 2 which was originaly in a Mpeg format so i used the dB poweramp Batch Converter to convert all the tracks to a MP3 format which i belive it did BUT when i plug the cyclone 2 into my tv only 104 tracks become visable.?

Ive searched the hard drive but there is nothing else? BUT when i plug the cyclone 2 into my pc it shows & plays the full 9000? PLEASE (I had to shout with frustration lol) can anyone help me here is it the software/me or both.?
Thanks so much!

Rob Williams

Staff member
Welcome to the forums!

I'm not familiar with that media player, but it seems like there's some hidden index that keeps track of all the music, and because of how you copied over the entire kit and kaboodle, the media player is oblivious to it.

Ideally, where a media player is concerned, the conversion process should not occur on the device itself. The best method is to copy all of the music you want to convert to your main PC's hard drive, convert it there, then transfer the converted files over to the media player via regular methods.

It almost seems like your media player needs a full reformat and then you could copy over the files in the manner that makes most sense. You might want to plug in your Cyclone 2 to the PC and then double-check that the files are indeed MP3. If not, that's an easy problem to fix.