Daewoo Develops Working Holographic Storage Device


Tech Monkey
How about this new high-end drive...........:eek:

"Whether we see them or not, holographic storage devices are here

Daewoo Electronics has been quietly working on and it looks like they have completed the first working model of holographic storage device. Byoungbok Kang of Daewoo Electronics explains how the company went about designing the system along with the hurdles they overcame to do so.

According to the article written for National Instruments, Kang states Daewoo's HDDS, or Holographic Digital Data Storage device is comprised of two subsystems which include something called "an electro-optical motion control system based on the National Instruments CompactRIO 3M gate FPGA series and a video decoding system based on an 8M gate Xilinx FPGA board."



Tech Monkey
It's neat to see technology displayed in sci-fi shows, and movies, being created and working today. I'm quite impressed with the data so far, and will try to keep up with this technology. I've always liked a lot of the futuristic shows. Star-Trek, TNG. Stuff that really made you wonder what's possible. This is yesterday's future being played out. Can't wait to see what's next.