Crysis "Xtreme" Particle Chaos Mod Ups the Physics

Rob Williams

Staff member
I think there would be few people who would disagree that advanced physics can really add to the enjoyment of a game, but up to this point, there have been few titles on the market that have pushed the boundaries and really have shown us what robust physics really look like. We have games that utilize PhysX, sure, but even there, it all seems to be a work-in-progress.


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agree that it is a little over the top but it still looks amazing. Crysis is 3 years old now and it is still one of the best looking games out there.


Basket Chassis
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There are some who feel it is one of the most poorly coded games out there and that is why it is so hard to run. I have never played it and probably never will since it isn't my cup-o-tea but a bunch of folks at another forum have a mad hate on for it.


The particle effects look great as a whole, but some of the things were a bit off, like the floating flames from the exploding car. It looked like there were identical camp fires floating in the air in a straight. Maybe it won't look so goofy at regular speed. But I'll have to give this one a try.


These effects look great, some people have more fun with mods for Crysis (like this one and the "Back to the Future" mod) than entire new games lol.

Still I can bet this would bring my poor old 8800GTX to its knees.