Could the iPad Replace a PC for a Businessperson?

Rob Williams

Staff member
Apple has never claimed that the iPad could replace a notebook or desktop computer, but there's no harm in considering the actual possibility, right? As a whole, the iPad is a rather robust little machine, but with its lacking multi-tasking ability, and overall simple design, could it even possibly have the hope of becoming a one-stop device for a regular consumer? How about a businessperson?


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While the iPad isn't up to the task of replacing a standard laptop/pc, I do see it or similar devices filling certain niches in the business environment. With my experience working in hospitals, I can say that physicians and therapists would greatly benefit from a more accessible portable computer. One of the facilities I have worked at installed computers outside of every patient room, an additional five in each hallway for nurse's stations and dictation rooms, and a further six to eight "flow carts" (rolling computer stations) for nursing use. In the end, it was a lot of full sized computers to fill the role that a smaller number of tablet/slate style devices could fill.

I can also see similar tasks like plant operations and the like being streamlined, but so far as full blown business applications are concerned, I don't think we'll be moving from laptops/workstations for a while.


The Courier or another tablet? Maybe. The iPad..No.

Let me just send you that fil--Oh...never mind.


If the Ipad and alike products come with some sort of lid, like a laptop even an extremely thin one that folds all the way around, then that is one perk that has to be there, before anything else. You don't want some 300.00 + piece of equipment getting scuffed and damaged


IPad? I don't think so, I've seen a couple of them and they look like a blown up Iphone. Just not convinced someone would ever get good productive use out of them - on top of the already mentioned lack of multi-tasking.

I work as a network engineer for Motion Computing - now there are some multi-tasking tablets! Pretty awsome on the performance scale too.