Corsair Vengeance K90 MMO Keyboard Review

Rob Williams

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Over the years, Corsair has made us realize just how seriously it takes its products. With the launch of its first Vengeance gaming peripherals, we expected to see a continuation of this top-rate quality, but so far, things have been a little hit or miss - at least with regards to software. Let's see if anything changes with our look at the K90.

Read through Jamie's full look at Corsair's K90 gaming keyboard and then discuss it here!


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and yet another k/b that I was looking at that I'm not going to get right away. seriously why can't these companies get it right the first time? I am tired of this release now fix later mentality bs.


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The forums at Corsair are becoming rather energetic with impatience over a software update, since it's been over 4 months now since the beta release. Too be honest, I don't blame them either. I was fully expecting an update by the time this review was released, but nothing.

In an unrelated note though, browsing the forums lead me to find out about keyboard modding, and in this specific case, sound dampeners for keys to prevent bottoming-out (pushing the key all the way down and making a very audible click).

There's a video at the end which gives you a good idea of the noise suppression. At $14 for a pack of rubber washers, it's a bit excessive really, but could find another supplier or similar stock of washers the same size. Wonder if could get these silicone washers for fans to fit...



So, i bought the k90 a few months ago, and i like the keyboard and all but it bugs alot.

Maybe i am doing something wrong or its just the keyboard, i would not recommend this