Coolest keyboard ever?

I read about that Keyboard awhile ago. It is pretty hardcore for any normal keyboard, but what comes to mind is tons of crazy images laid out over the keys. I deas spring to mind left and right.


WOW :eek: That's an absolutely amazing keyboard. I wish I'll be able to afford one when it will be available, but probably I won't as $200 (being optimistic) is a lot of money for a keyboard, altough this one really deserves that price tag. ;)


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Been reading about these for sometime now, but the price being talked about is way to high for my budget. I'll have to stick with my cheap old Sunbeam KB for the time being.................;)



I remember seeing this on I wouldn't mind having one. The possibilities are limitless. Imagine a screensaver keyboard! Have words and pictures scroll across. It's neat stuff all around.


You can put anything you want on the keys of the Optimus.
All the keys are OLED's & fully programable (picture & function) from software.
They just released a 6-key version for ~$100.

Very sweet, but oh, the cost! ;)


I want a keyboard which doesn't klickety-klackity when I type. I want a gentle, reassuring swishing sound, like a gurgling brook in spring time, as the snows melt. And I want the lighted keys to change ever-so-gradually in color to suit the exotic Zen flute which plays for me during my evening CoD-rifles-only meditation.


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werty316 said:
I like Saitek keyboards the most. Slick looking with glowing keypads.

I *sooooo* want one of these.... expressly for hte fact that I know they use LED's for their back light... which means I can MOD it to color change the backlight to my liking!

I'm contemplating getting one for BOSS and changing the LED's to orange backlight...


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looks alright guys, but for now im happy with my multifuntional wireless :)

Screw led lights, i can take this thing to the kitchen and chance my songs! Not to mention with the screen i have i could IM from that far too.


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I'll stick to my Logitech Elite. It's got all I need, media control, hotkeys etc. That G15 looks like a monster, something I don't plan on ever needing lol.


i currently have a Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard and it's quality is very came with a Microsoft Mouse too(optical)