Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000W $179 AR @ ZZF. Other models too.


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I just got this thing in yesterday and had a look at it. In case you aren't familiar with this PSU, here's what the expert had to say about it.

To summarize, it's quality was at least comparable to if not slightly better than the TT Toughpower 1200W, with the only problem being that it tended to overheat and shut down under 1000W of load.

But 1000W is something hardly anyone even comes close to needing. From the picture on Jonny's site, one might also be concerned about tripping the OCP on one of the +12V rails, limited to 18A. Here are some pics of the unit I got yesterday:



Notice that some rails are now 28A!

$179 after $50 MIR @ZZF until 9/17. Other PSUs in this range are hovering at $250-$300 or more.

The 850W version and 750W version also have rebates, but may not be the same platform.


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Deal is alive again at I cou'dn't be more pleased with this unit - it is completely inaudible over my Yates even when the system is under full load. Only downside is the cable-management required.


Are there any available deals on Power Supplies going on now? My desktop has an older 600W (i think) PS in it and after some heavy work on it, it tends to just shut off, which is completely horrible since work is being done on it and sometimes not saved. Thanks in advance!