Compiling 1,100 Software Packages in a Row Under Gentoo

Rob Williams

Staff member
While not a common task for most Windows users, compiling software under Linux isn't uncommon at all. Reasons could be that the software simply isn't designed for your distro of choice, the software isn't available in your distro's repository, or you might have hacked the code or are working on your own project. Users of "source-based" distros undoubtedly end up compiling more software than anyone else, even if it's hands-off, such as with Gentoo.


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Partition Master
I tried compiling Gentoo from scratch entirely back on my Pentium 4. I failed about 3 times before throwing the 400 page manual in the trash and going back to SUSE 9.1 lol.

Since then Ive compiled graphics drivers and a couple of things but not much else.