Clanmate selling Core2 Duo E8600


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The leader of the PC gaming clan I'm in is selling his Core2 Duo E8600 CPU. Here's his original post in the TKC forums.

Next week when my new CPU arrives I will be removing my E8600 and will be looking to sell it. I will sell it for $150 and I will cover the cost of shipping. Here is a link to newegg so you can read about it:

As you can see it is a $290 CPU. I have run it for about a year now and it has had no issues whatsoever. When dueled up with a 460 SE I run BC2 at max settings, however if you are already set with your gaming PC, it would make an excellent CPU for another system.

I have the box, and the factory fan that came with it has never been used. I will cover the cost of standard shipping all you have to do is make a donation to TKC in the amount of $150. Please post here if you are interested.

I'm giving him a link to this thread, he'll probably either register under the name -o]T3[o or nbtc971 when he replies.

Here's the original forum post:
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I am okay with paying maybe $80 to $120 for it but not $150. Thanks for the heads up on it but I will keep looking for a replacement CPU for my Core 2 board.