Choice to upgrade...


madmat said:
That HTT keeps the bus speed at 1000 or there abouts. Setting it to 5 with a FSB of 200 = 1000, at 4 with a FSB of 250 = 1000 and so on.

It's there to keep the HTT from becoming unstable and hosing your OC.

That is right but shouldn't I be able to set my HTT to 4 @ 200 FSB and it equals = 800? So using that combined with a memory divider, I thought you could normally overclock higher...


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Some have had issues keeping the htt at 5x200 or 1000mhz. It's been suggested numerous times to reduce to 4x if you're going for a very large overclock. You'll make up for it when upping the fsb. Right now mine is at 4x and 900mhz. Since I'll be pushing it further to a 4x250 it'll make up the difference.


I would have to truthfully say that, this ASrock & Opteron combo has been "THE" number one upgrade for me in my 23+ years of the computer world. I am hitting 3Ghz stable with this chipset @ 1.45v on the CPU core with the AMD stock HSF. Never above 48c @ LOAD. There is also a vmod to reach 1.55v which I have not done yet. I imagine 3.2Ghz is not out of the realm with a good cooler like the "ArcticFreezer 64" at those volts. I can say I would highly recommend this motherboard & CPU combo to anyone with an AMD64 upgrade in mind.


Uc-ker said:
Why the Opteron 148?

I was wondering the same thing. Any socket 939 AMD should work as fine if not better then an Opteron 148. Aren't the Opteron 148 a higher NM chip, so they would get hotter then the more modern day socket 939 AMDs?


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Opty 146 max of 10x multiplier
148 max of 11x
150 max of 12x etc etc
Many are using the 146 and 148 simply because of the multiplier. You put a 10x with a 300mhz fsb and get 300x10=3.0Ghz. It's easy to count and many just want to hit that magic 3G spot. I know I do. If you can keep it cool enough a 148 or 150 are great too. You can reach 3+Ghz with a lower fsb.

I just need to hit a fsb of 250 to reach 3ghz (12x250) while, like jacksn posted, is using a 11x and 274 fsb. My processor has never gone above 40 with my Zalman 9500. All I'm waiting on is some better ram to push it to 3Ghz+.

You can't always rely on fsb either. Some processors just can't reach that high. If you look around at the steppings and serials you'll find that a lot of Opteron's don't reach massive Ghz, and those that do are using peltier, water cooling, or even phase change.

I'm going to suggest just looking around and keeping your eyes open. Ebay has a lot of 146 and 148's for sale for great prices. Take a look at some oc'ing results too, and which cores and steppings reached it. You're more likely to have better results from similar models.