Chipset temps way too high.


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My DFI-Ultra D board's chipset runs at about 58C at load, 50C idle. I guess it's to be expected since part of the x1900xtx extends over it. Do you think getting better case fans could help, help with the air flow? Or maybe a better chipset fan/cooler?


I used to have a little 40mm over my original passive NB heatsink, Asus P4C800 deluxe. Would run about 43-49°C. Your temps really aren't that bad, but if you are concerned, take the heatsink off and put new goop on it, i.e. Artic Silver. That would help a little. I have no idea how good the stock DFI heatsink/fan is, but there are several aftermarket, i.e. Swiftech, etc. which would probably be better.


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my chipset runs a lil high for what it is. It too is a DFi

Granted for me "High" is idle temps of 39-42

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The engineers over at DFI did not do any of us any favors when they placed the chipset were it is on our boards. My top GPU blows it's warm air out over the chipset's top and the bottom GPU almost blows directly across the chipset fan. I did get the Vantec Iceberq and it did lower my temps a bit, but not much. I only upgraded because the DFI fan started to rattle. It never gets extremely hot, but as always, cooler is better in computing.


jc634 said:
....... take the heatsink off and put new goop on it, i.e. Artic Silver. ......... .
That's a good place to start, most factory chipset coolers are installed with a small thermal pad, or at best a blob of cheap goop, doing a good cleaning and careful re- apply with quality paste can work wonders.
As far as fans, there are to factors 1] getting the heat away from the heatsink (sounds like that location needs a fan to blow some cooler air to it) and 2] getting the heat/hotair out of the case
each case/setup is different so you will have to decide which fans to replace first to solve your problem.
fans are cheap, so experiment.


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Im thinking of getting a Vantec Iceberg cooler for my chipset. I dont feel like taking out my mobo just to put some good goop on their unless I was also putting in a better fan/heatsink. I would get an Evercool VC-RE but can't find those anywhere.

I saw my temps raise up to 65C according to speed fan and MBM, after a couple hours of Oblivion. My ATI x1900xtx went up to 92c. Man my system is hot. Im not too worried though, since the max temps for the chipset is at 90c and the x1900xtx is at 120c. Hopefully watercooling the vga and cpu would help bring down the temps.


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The Evercool Twinkling or EC-VR(?) is a common and easily performed replacement of the stock DFI heatsink. I've put one on my Expert board without a problem and temps dropped 5-6C easily, and that's with SLi cards too. Another option, change the bios so the 16x pci-e slot is at the bottom instead of the top. Unless you've got another card right below it you won't have any heat problems.

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I have 2 cards in SLI and with the stock heatsinks blowing their hot air out across the chipset, at least the top one, the temps are obviously going to be higher. I jsut installed a danger den water setup and my temps on the chipset haev fallen a bit. I am now at 46*C. Better than before.