Case & Cooling?


I am building a new gaming pc with an evga 680i a1 mobo, a intel q6600 or a new penryn when they come out, and i am wondering what the best case and cooling solution would be. I am looking at either a nzxt hush or antec p182. for coolers, I am looking at the tuniq tower 120 (not sure about fitting in case), a zalman cnps 9700 or a cooler master hyper 212. I want a relatively quiet system that won't drive my family crazy. what are your recommendations? i also want to overclock the processor a bit.
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Rory Buszka

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I've got friends who have had good results with the Q6600 and the Tuniq tower, but make sure you orient the cooler so you get front-to-back airflow or bottom-to-top airflow. The Tuniq thermal paste is also decent as well. A little bit, spread thin with the edge of a razor blade, goes a long way. Of course, you can hardly go wrong with the Zalman CNPS9700, even if you've got overclocking on the brain.