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I'm looking for a full tower case, something that I can cut up and do a lot of mods to so it can be dirty and scratched up to an extent. Little dents and dings are ok, but nothing that will prevent me using the entire case. If you got something lying around collecting dust, SELL IT TO ME! Paypal, money order or check whichever you prefer. Even better, move to Minnesota so I can just drive over and pick it up. Post a link to some pictures...

What about Tt's refurb shop? Anyone buy from them and get hosed or hooked up?

Krazy K

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It's huge and weighs a good bit as it is steel, so shipping would be a bundle.

True story, I have a Koolance PC2-650 in that same case and I don't like it. The case has a window on the left and the door opens to the left so I'm never sure which side of me to put it on (until I got mad when I broke the door off). I don't like the carriers for the 3.5 and the 80s in back make too much noise. Thanks for the offer but I have to pass.

I like the Tt armor with that rear hdd cage and the vertical psu, but no one is selling a used one of those.
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Hey, no problem. Due to the weight, I could probably put a computer in it and it wouldn't cost more than an extra dollar or two to ship anyway, so I'll probably try that.

This one doesn't have a window, just a solid steel, latching door (I can't imagine someone breaking it!).

Krazy K

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Koolance put their own front door on and I am not one to be patient, I am surprisingly amazed that the door lived for 3 years before being broken off by accident. I had it open 180* and slid my chair backwards into it.

On a lighter note, I almost bought a refurb Armor case from Tt but I read about 30 reviews on Newegg that says it has it's problems. I got this back from them and I need some help translating. I got some of it but I have to head back to class, any help would be appreciated. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Dear Krazy K,

We do not have many complain about the Armor case.We don't really listen anyway. This one of the best selling case and I have owned one myself. I realized it sucked and sold it.

The way the rear HDD cage was designed does affect the cooling to the power supply fan, however this depend on where the PSU fan located.There wont be a problem if your PSU doesn't have a fan.

You do have enough room to install at least 9 hard drives in the front bay with three iCages. Many of our user didn’t even bother to use the rear cage.Because it's a hassle and doesn't work right.

We do not have any revision of this case and they are still one of the top selling case around.It's broke, but we still sell it.

Problem you are concerning could happened with certain motherboards and sometimes due to installation error by users.You are incompetent.

However I will cancel your order for you at this point as you requested.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reply to this e-mail or contact our technical support department toll free at 800-988-1088. Our technical support team is open Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:30PM (PST).

Have a Great Day and thank you for choosing Thermaltake.And then unchosing us.

Best regard,