Black Widow


Hello all.
MadMat suggested that I bore you guys with some of the case mods I've done so here's one of my favorites( after the "Lab Rat"). This is not the work log which although interesting is a tad long. So here are just a few pics.

This is the POS I started with....
The front..
The top....
The window...


Tech Monkey
Love the webbing effect, and the spider fan grills!

Did you make those grills? And how did you get the webbing on there, paint or vinyl?


Thanks. The outside panels are actually Lexan. They are reverse painted, hence that 40 clear coat sheen. The webs are a tedious process. I cut them out of posterboard with an exacto knife (sore index finger) and used rubber cement to stick them to the Lexan. Then I shot a coat of flat black. Then I removed the stencil and shot the candy red. The red is almost translucent so after it dried I shot the panel with white which made the red pop. The 120mm spider grille on top I made form Lexan. The 80mms I bought. The front grille has the hdd activity LED in the belly of the spider. I was actually surprised at the shininess of the case. The side window is an hourglass shape to mimic the red shape on a Black Widow. The pic with the lights off doesn't do it justice. I appreciate the interest and as soon as I get a slowdown at work I'll dig up some pics of other mods.:D