Best mobo for overclocking


i am looking at an intel q6600 g stepping processor and was wondering what kind of motherboard would be best for overclocking. i am looking at a asus p5k deluxe and an evga 680i a1. i am a bit of an nvidia fan, so i'm going for 680i, but what would be best?


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Right now, I think P35 boards are still the best for OCing Quad cores. However the X38 apparently has a lot of potential, it's just a matter of time.
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Either of the boards you listed will be fine. 680i and P35 boards should all do about the same, so there is no 'best' board. Just get a decent chipset (680i if you want SLI) and decide based on feature set and price.


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680 boards scare me because of the seemingly high rate of failure and the parts they kill when they die. This is also probably because there are so many of them out there so the statistics seem higher than they probably are. But for SLI, it is the ONLY choice.

If you go Intel chipset, wait a few more months for the X48 chipset or just grab a cheap P35 board.


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There is no "best" board, but there are chipsets have much better success OCing Quad cores. When it comes to Quad core OCing, P35 is certainly better than 680i. But like b1lk1 said, if you want SLI 680i is the only choice.

IMO, if you don't care for SLI get a P35 or X38 board.