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I just moved to uni accomadation and was forced to leave my logitech 2.1 speakers at home, now i must listen to music through laptop speakers or my headphones which only work some of the time, and even when they do work are still pretty tinny.

I am looking for a solution, as i am a student the first factor is cost, im looking to spend about £30 or $50, I was looking at the Logitech X240 2.1 system but was wandering if i could do better,
Firstly i would like to know if in fact I could get a decent set of headphones at a similar price as im not sure how the neighbors will appreciate bass as these rooms are pretty snug and also transporting these things at the end of term will be an issue for plane luggage,
If headphones are a better idea then important considerations for me are looks and mobility as i would like to be able to take them jogging.
if, however, it turns out that for my money speakers are the best option then considerations would have to be mobility in terms of taking them on a plane 4 or 6 times a year and also loudness, it would be great if they could support something like a housewarming party. so just one room of dancing really, Absolute quality is not so important as i know my funds are limited and my friends dont care so much about quality so long as its loud, but they aint spending the money so for me a comprimise would be best, but ive never been one for critical listening, i just know that i like good sound and that I am sick of these tinny laptop speakers.
I would really appreciate any help you could give me.

Rory Buszka

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I think in your case, a nice set of headphones would be your best option. My favorite online store for headphones is by far HeadRoom ( -- their educated staff takes the time to review most of the products they sell. If I were you, I'd grab the Sennheiser HD 201.
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