Artic Cooling GPU Cooler COPPER!

Krazy K

Partition Master
So it started out like like this.

And now, it looks like this:
Best one.
Somewhat blurry.

It wasn't too cheap to do it but I think it turned out well. Especially since it is so much larger that the card it can be seen very well through the window.

So it can be done, just go buy one of these and do it in a single swipe, just kidding. Who knows how this happened?
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Rory Buszka

Partition Master
Cool! Did you take that to a place that does plating? I'd be interested to see how the copper-plated cooler performs when compared to the stock cooler.

Krazy K

Partition Master
Yes, I had it plated at a shop not far from here. I don't think it cools much better, since it's just copper over the aluminum. Looks better since the radiator matches the heat pipes/