Are Consoles Killing PC Gaming?

Rob Williams

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Ahh, the age-old argument that never seems to die: Consoles vs. PC. You might imagine that because I get to test out the best PC gaming hardware on the market, I'd prefer gaming on that platform, but that's something that varies. I prefer FPS titles on the PC by far, but enjoy racing games on consoles, as an example. Both platforms have their strengths, some more obvious than others.


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They need to pay more attention to PC and add anti-piracy code. (like with rainbow 6 vegas 2)


My feelings on the subject are not that consoles will kill pc gaming. PC gaming isn't really dying, it is just stagnant. Console creators have no motivation to cross platforms when you can single out controllers and software. As the need for freedom keeps impending, I see the first thing to happen is laptops becoming more and more gaming oriented.


well and console player just getting a taste of what happens when devs know its connected to the internet and have hard drives..... after release PATCHES and hardware failure

i remember a time if a console game came out buggy or broken that pretty much kill that game

they now have no leg to stand about hardware problem and patches to the pc gamers


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GREAT NEWS! Darksiders, the console exclusive game, Is coming to PC in JUNE! WOHOOO!

i soo wanted to play that game but as i have no PS3 or XBOX360, well now i can in June, yippeee!! :D


As long as companies like Valve continue to treat the PC community well and not like complete idiots (*cough* Infinity Ward and Activision *cough*) then PC gaming isn't going anywhere. Plus Steam is going to OSX which can't be that bad. And mouse > joystick.

GREAT NEWS! Darksiders, the console exclusive game, Is coming to PC in JUNE! WOHOOO!

I really wanted that game but since I don't have a console I was out of luck. If only they released it with the console version. I hate it when they delay PC ports >.> Plus I'm super low on cash now :(.