Apple Purchased 3D Mapping Company C3 Earlier this Year

Rob Williams

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With the recent passing of Steve Jobs, "innovator" has been a title thrown around a lot. It's for good reason, as Steve was one of the best. As of late, however, it seems that most of what's truly interesting or intriguing to come out of Apple has been the result of acquisitions. Take Siri, the advanced voice recognition and response system released this month for the iPhone 4S, for example.


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As much as I love and use Google Earth and Maps, not to mention Bing/Maps and even Nokia maps, I can't wait until I can get my hands on this! To be able to zoom in to see little signs, trees, etc., is just cool for this map lover!


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If they pull it out, this will totally rule over Google 3D maps. And will be way, way, cooler. Was never much a fan of Google's 3D solution. Entirely dependent of user contributions (which is just another rung on the ladder for cultural dominance) and often just plain wrong (buildings not correctly scaled or incorrectly drawn).

Must say, if Apple keeps it independent the iOS universe, they have an absolute winner here. But if they just use it as customer bait for their products, leaving the rest of the community out of it, I'll pass. Cool, but not reason enough for me to buy an iDevice.