Apple Announces Updated MacBook Pro Line-up, OS X Snow Leopard

Rob Williams

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From our front-page news:
When Apple's annual WWDC rolls around each summer, people stop and listen. The reason is simple: new product launches. Between the new iPhone 3G S, Max OS X Snow Leopard (desktop and server), Safari 4 and an updated MacBook Pro line-up, I think it's safe to say that nothing at all has changed this year in that regard.

Probably the most interesting for Mac OS X users is what's been unveiled for Snow Leopard. More than just an upgrade, Apple claims that they've refined over 90% of the 1,000 "projects" in the OS, so not only will the updated applications be faster, but they'll offer even more functionality.

The best part might be the pricing for current Leopard owners... $29. Still, I shrug when I picture the incoming ad campaigns that point this fact out. OS X might cost less, but their hardware is undeniably far more expensive. Either way, the cheaper upgrade path for current users isn't going to go unappreciated.

The depth is too great to get into all of the updates here, but Apple have revised their entire MacBook Pro line-up as well. This means more powerful machines, but also less-expensive machines, such as the $1,199 13" model. With their new built-in battery, Apple promises up to 7 hours of battery-life, and that's without the use of Intel's latest ULV processors.

Check out the press release URL below for all the updates.


Apple today unveiled Mac OS X Snow Leopard, an even more powerful and refined version of the world’s most advanced operating system and the foundation for future Mac innovation. Snow Leopard builds on a decade of OS X innovation and success with hundreds of refinements, new core technologies, out of the box support for Microsoft Exchange and new accessibility features. Snow Leopard will ship as an upgrade for Mac OS X Leopard users in September 2009 for $29.

Source: Apple Press Releases