Apple Adds SSD Trim Support to OS X 10.6.8 Update


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It's been known for a little while that OS X 10.7, 'Lion', would offer support for the ATA 'TRIM' command, but for those who weren't planning to make the leap to Apple's latest OS, that became a tough feature to ignore. Well, don't fret, because it turns out that the 10.6.8 update Apple rolled out last week quietly added the feature in.


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In typical Apple fashion, there's a major caveat to be aware of with this feature. It does not support SSDs that weren't installed by Apple itself. If you purchased a MacBook Pro this year, chances are it does have a compatible SSD, but if you have an older model or any other Mac and installed your own SSD, you're out of luck.

Answered my own question before I could ask it. :D I had read this was also true of Snow Leopard...?

Either way, there is no reason for this. As Rob pointed out TRIM is a universal ATA standard command, it is not SSD specific in any way. Problems like this would pretty much nix my decision to buy a new Lion Macbook, or potentially the new Air if I was interested. I'd wonder what other compatibility issues would exist...