Anyone Play COD: OU


I just got the expansion COD: UO. (Call of Duty United Offense). I think that they did a good job of changing the game. It doesnt seem like im still playing regular call of duty. The muliplayer maps are different and there are new strategys like smoke gernades and more features like artillery attacks. I havnt gotten too muc into the single player but i am planning to.

I would recomend for YOU to get this game.

If u want to play with me: xFire: MonsterMuddy

Rob Williams

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I have played the first CoD, and was pretty impressed with it. I never had a chance to get *too* far into it though.

Is UO a lot better than the first one, even still?


yeah its way better. I was amazed its the best expansion ever. Most games just add levels but this sorta makes it a new game. A++


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If you liked COD you'll love Brothers in Arms which was just released last week I believe. It's kinda like COD, but with a little tactical element in it. It's a lot of fun.