Anybody else use only the onboard audio?


Im currently useing the nF2 SoundStorm. Its suited me well over the years. It certaintly is a nice feature to jsut plug it straight into my reciever witht eh S/PDIF and use the Dolby Digital Live option. Makes it very easy set up for watching movies or other content on my TV.

Though i will say that, sound quality wise, at least for gaming, i get wood every time i play on my buddies computer with his X-Fi Xtreme Music. Then again, the fact that hes driving it all through a $800 pair of Senheisers, and an AirHead does help with the wood factor some. But dear god does it sound sweet.


supramax said:
I can't believe that a sound card is faster for your computer then onboard sound. Isn't onboard sound built directly onto the motherboard's bus. I always thought onboard sound would be faster.

The biggest thing is that alot of onboard sound is most of them dont have dedicated DSP's. Meaning that what the sound processor cant figure out on its own, has to be picked up by the CPU. WHich uses clock cycles, which of course slows down the processing speed of the game your playing.

Where as msot dedicated sound cards have a DSP chip built right on board to handle 98%+ of the total load. Reducing the load onteh CPU to nearly nothing.

The reality is, for any average gamer, the difference is really negligible. And probibly wont be noticable to the standard gamer. Unless hes runing dog ass slow hardware.

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