Any rally fans in the house?

Rob Williams

Staff member
I'm not into rally per se, but I do like catching it when I can. It's a crazy style of racing... you need so much skill, it's unbelievable. Also dangerous as hell. Everytime I see a car soaring in the air with spectators 10 ft away, I cringe.


Basket Chassis
Staff member
I @#$%*&! love rally racing. It's so far removed from everything else out there, but I'm with Rob - those spectators are nucking futs!

Some of those wrecks are insane!

Big Red Machine

Hellfire and Brimstone
Staff member
Jeez, it takes a certain degree of insanity to participate in this particular branch of motorsport.

I have nothing but admiration for rally racers. In some ways they represent the top of the peak as far as driving ability is concerned. These guys must have Jupiter-sized balls.