An entire Windows install running through a proxy?

Rob Williams

Staff member
So here's a strange question. Is it possible to run an entire Windows install through a proxy server, so that anything requiring an Internet connection would run through it?

The reason I ask for such a ridiculous thing is that Saints Row: The Third has a known (to fans) issue of lag when playing over a LAN. Yes, you read that correctly. Connected through the Internet, the game will run fine for most people, but over a LAN, there's ridiculous lag. Playing with my brother side-by-side, there were times when he'd see us crashing into a wall, while on my end, we were fine.

Other examples are when I glitched through a wall and couldn't get back out, when my brother flew out the top of a car for no apparent reason, hearing the voice track twice over, and general lag issues in general.

My thinking is that if I connect the game to my proxy server somehow, we might get some lag do to natural proxy latency, but it should prove better than dealing with what we are.

In case anyone asks, we have tried to connect via our Steam list rather than the LAN, and the problems exist on either. Playing through Steam pretty much acts as a LAN because it must realize we're on one.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.