AMD's Split Rumors Heating Up

Rob Williams

Staff member
From our front-page news:
It looks as though AMD is preparing to split in half, and it might happen a lot sooner than we would have expected. TG Daily has the details on the upcoming Asset Light and Asset Smart strategies, which are being lead by current Chairman of the Board, Hector Ruiz (pictured below). You might immediately associate 'split' with a bad thing, but it's not that kind of split, but rather a move AMD feels is imperative to the future success of the company.

The supposed goal is to split AMD into two sections. One will be lead by the newly-crowned CEO, Dirk Meyer, which will focus on the R&D of chip technologies, with the other half to deal with manufacturing. According to TG Daily, critical decisions are currently being made, and AMD has no plans to make this a slow process. As soon as the decisions are cleared, the move will be made.

How will this improve AMD, you ask? Well, we'll have to wait and see. Ruiz is entirely confident in the shift, however, and states that it's an important move and one that will help AMD turn a profit much, much sooner.


Officially, there is virtually no clear information on the announcement and the direction of Asset Light/Smart provided by AMD. In the company’s Q2 earnings call, chief financial officer Bob Rivet stated the announcement will not be a 2009 event and that the company will announce it "as soon as [AMD] can get it down which is what Hector [Ruiz] is focused on."

Source: TG Daily