AMD Reveals "Fusion" at ISSCC 2010: CPU+GPU = APU


From Ars Technica:

SAN FRANCISCO—The "Llano" processor that AMD described today in an ISSCC session is not a CPU, and it's not a GPU—instead, it's a hybrid design that the chipmaker is calling an "application processor unit," or APU. Whatever you call it, it could well give Intel a run for its money in the laptop market, by combining a full DX11-compatible GPU with four out-of-order CPU cores on a single, 32nm processor die.

Details on the highly parallel vector hardware—the "GPU" part of the device—have yet to be disclosed, but AMD is focusing today's revelations on the CPU part of the design. In a nutshell, AMD has taken the "STARS" core that's used in their current 45nm offerings, shrunk it to a new 32nm SOI high-K process, and added new power gating and dynamic power optimization capabilities to it. Each out-of-order core has a bit under 35 million transistors, and a 1MB L2 cache that's not included in that number. AMD is targeting sub-3GHz operation, and a power consumption range of 2.5 to 25 watts.

AMD has announced that Llano will be sampling in the second half of this year, and will be available from OEMs sometime in 2011.

This looks like it can kick Intel's Clarkdale/Arrandale ass, especially considering AMD's track record with pricing. I can't wait what they show at the ISSCC.


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I'm certainly rooting for them... it'd be nice to see AMD launch something that is clearly a better product, and not just because it's much cheaper than the competition. :) If I recall correctly Intel's integrated CPU/GPU was going to only be DX10 as well, but I'm not sure it matters for small IGPs.


This looks awesome. I'm sure this will be in full steam by the time my wife and I look for an other laptop in probably 2013-2014