AMD Launches "Power of Fusion" Campaign

Rob Williams

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From our front-page news:
So... AMD almost gave me a heart attack this morning. In my inbox laid an e-mail from the greenest company in Sunnvale, boasting the "Power of Fusion". Considering that up to now, Fusion has been the term thrown around about for their CPU/GPU hybrid chip, it definitely made me jolt my coffee. Well as it turns out, this Fusion has more to do than just with that Fusion.

AMD today coins the term "The Future is Fusion", which is the focal point for a new campaign that focuses on AMD's family of technologies, from CPUs to GPUs to Chipsets to whatever else. It goes even further than that, though. From the release: "Fusion is the AMD working philosophy that marries innovation with collaboration, and is the process by which AMD and its partners can enable next-generation technologies that change the way we live, work and play."

What that means exactly, I'm unsure, but it's clear that AMD is keen on continuing their great industry relationships while solidifying new ones. The release also mentions their Fusion CPU/GPU architecture, which we still don't know that much about. With AMD's sudden gung-ho attitude on all things Fusion, that might change, very soon.

Another notable part of the announcement is a new utility called "Fusion for Gaming", which is an all-around performance tool for, you guessed it, gamers. The software of course requires a PC with an AMD processor, and allows both automatic and manual overclocking for your CPU and AMD-based GPU, while the Overdrive portion can track the temperatures, stability and so forth.

Profiles can also be created, with some being able to shut down certain processes that might be running in the background. The goal is to slim the PC down as much as possible, so as to make the gaming experience as pleasurable as possible. This same 'enabled' profile can also affect the overclock automatically. Once you are done gaming, you could simply undo what was done.

AMD is truly taking this campaign seriously, and they probably need to. Whether or not it's going to revitalize their image like they hope it will, we won't know for a while, but so far they seem to be off to a good start. Now if only we could learn more about the Fusion architecture itself...


An example of "Fusion" in the AMD product roadmap is its Fusion Architecture - the stated intent to combine the photo-realistic imagery made possible by its graphics processing units with the processing power of its central processing units. The company believes its new "Fusion" brand concept captures the benefits of this same collaborative initiative across a range of technology platforms, partner relationships, employee teams, and market segments.

Source: AMD Press Release