AMD Launches Business Class Initiative

Rob Williams

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From our front-page news:
"Business Class" is a simple term, but it means great things. Better things. Things that regular schmucks can only dream of. Well, for those who are a fan of all that business class offers, AMD has got you covered. They have unveiled an entirely new processor line-up today that caters directly to the business. While the processors themselves are similar to current offerings, it's the support that's been improved.

For starters, the lineup consists of "stable processors" (odd wording?) which include a 24-month stability warranty. Though, this seems somewhat needless. When is the last time a CPU just up and died on you? I've personally never had that happen once, or know of it happening to anyone else. But that's aside the point here. These CPUs are to be paired with the 780V chipset, which is guaranteed to be available commercially for the next eighteen months.

Models include the X4 9600B ($230), X3 8600B ($175), X2 5400B ($120), X2 5400B ($110), X2 5000B ($95), X2 4450B ($85) and finally, the lone single-core of the bunch, the 1640B ($50). This is somewhat of a unique program for AMD, but it makes sense. For businesses that use their processors, it's reassuring to know that they are backed by good support. Now, time to wait and see how well it takes off.

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SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- April 28, 2008 --AMD
(NYSE: AMD) today introduced AMD Business Class, an initiative dedicated to developing AMD processor-based commercial desktop and notebook solutions designed specifically for businesses. AMD Business Class technology is designed to offer the best value and tools on the market for OEMs and system builders to provide a solid, reliable foundation that delivers exceptional performance and power savings, industry-leading longevity and stability, and supports the essential security and manageability business users require.

Source: AMD Press Release