AM2 Processors

Rob Williams

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The next socket for AMD has been announced, and should be released in the first quarter of 2006, hopefully. These CPU's will finally support DDR2 memory.
So, who is going to upgrade their computer at this time? I will pick up an AM2 probably quite similar to what I am using now, but I am confident I will see similar performance in most things.

I really want to find out if we will see faster DDR2 performance results when compared to an equivelent Intel :D


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(I know everyone, or just about everyone, on these boards runs AMD)

Why you gotta be sayin we like EVERY1 loves and runs intel... just because intel's next gen of proc is shipping with 666 engraved on them doesnt make them the devil.


:confused: im thinking about building my own computer do you think i should wait for A2 processors and motherboards or just use the current 64 bit X2 ????????:confused:


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Stick with your current S939. AM2 performs more or less the same as S939. I would wait for when the AM2 is official out and it can use DDR2-800.


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I'm not quite sure that's the case. The increased power to the processors gets us looking at 3Ghz easily. Possibly even a baseline for the new chips. Couple that with DDR2 and you're looking at quite a powerful monster. Right now, yes, a good 939 chip will hold you for the next few years. Reaching 3G+ with thes Opteron's is the way to go. I wouldn't put it past AMD to blow Intel out of the water in every performance test with these new processors.
It's really hard to say at this point. Sure, there'll be a performance gain, but if I were to take Intel's example, the gain between a DDR and DDR2 system, all other things equal, is minimal. What's more important is how fast the interconnect is, and how well the new chipset handles the speed increase. I would probably hold off buying one for awhile.........wait until the bugs are ironed out.

(I was saying over a year ago that AMD would be going DDR2, they'd be dumb not to. All the AMD guys I know laughed, said AMD would never do that, DDR2 doesn't have any benefit. I love being right.)
I will most likely but the AM2 FX-62 in the coming months due to I always have to have the latest ans greatest. I have a ton of highend DDR2 lying around so why not:)