Alienware unveils Hangar18:HD 1080p Media Server

Rob Williams

Staff member
Alienware -- always at the forefront of rocking your ever-loving world -- has delved deeper into the media server fray with its new Hangar18:HD high definition home media center announced today at CEDIA. Apparently the "higher end" media center we mentioned last month is rearing it's power-heavy head in the form of this new HD server. The Monster of Media (our pet name) rocks up to 4TB of hot-swappable hard drive storage, a built-in Blu-ray player / burner, recording and playback at 1080p (output via HDMI), support for an internal CableCARD (OCUR), and a Dolby Digital 7.1 preamp output.

I must be slow, because I had no idea Alienware made any media servers, but apparently they have been. This one looks particularly interesting, although I'm sure it will be very expensive. Sweet looking chassis though. That would look great just about anywhere.


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